UnEssay Project in Premodern Medicine – AS.140.105

In the undergraduate survey of pre-modern medicine (140.105) students had the option of an Unessay, doing a creative project of some kind that demonstrates mastery of some aspect of course material. Submissions displayed here ranged from podcasts to paintings.

Click on preview images, below, to see full projects.

Knowledge Through Time by Taha Ahmedna
14th Century Newsletter by Ozioma Anyanwu
Herbal Medicine Book by Rebecca Avrutin
BoardGame(-isms!) by Oliver del Rosario
Galen Through Time by Annabelle Headley
Apothecary Advertisement by Roxy Karrer
Leper Hosptial Guide by Christin Le
Leper Hosptial Guide by Christin Le
Patient Painting by Alexandra Lee
Un-Essay History Project by Samantha Lee
Interview with Vesalius by Matt Mullner
The History of Anatomical Inventions via Grave Robbing by Tenza Nazur
The Patient's Gazette by Tobi Park
Alena, Eudora and the Miracle of Intuabation by Shanelle Quinn
An Apothecary's Guide to New World Medicine by Ritwik Raj
What If The Columbian Exhange Went Differently Health Board Guidelines by Anthony Rodriguez
Al-Andalus by Amaan Siddiqui
Choose Your Adventure by Breanna Soldatelli

Causes of Disease Collage by Tionna Tolefree

Whittington Letters by Natalia Tong
Paracelsus trial comic by Ruchik Trivedi
The Work of Monarders by Ayub Wardere
Podcast by Cali Wilson