May 16, 2023


Drawing on extensive archival research, historian Lisa Haushofer reveals in Wonder Foods that the story of modern food and nutrition was not about innocuous technological advances or superior scientific insights, but rather about the powerful logic of exploitation and economization that undergirded colonial and industrial food projects. In the process, these wonder foods shaped both modern food regimes and how we think about food.

Join us for a book talk where Dr. Lisa Haushofer will be discussing her recent book, Wonder Foods: The Science and Commerce of Nutrition, in conversation with Anne Kveim Lie and others. This is the last event of academic year for us, and it is co-sponsored by the Department of History of Medicine, the Center for Medical Humanities and Social Medicine, and the Program in Medicine, Science, & Humanities.

Title: Wonder Foods: The Science and Commerce of Nutrition
Who: Dr. Lisa Haushofer
What: Book Talk
When: Tuesday, May 16th at 4pm
Where: Bird in Hand Café located at 11 East 33rd Street