Elizabeth O'Brien awarded NEH Grant

Elizabeth O'Brien and Altina Hoti have received a two-year Scholarly Editions & Scholarly Translations grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. They will use the grant to produce the first English-language translation of Embriologia Sacra (1751), authored by Jesuit priest Francesco E. Cangiamila. Hoti will translate the work, and they will write the critical introduction in consultation with an advisory board comprised of Professors Pamela Voekel, Bethany Moreton, Ivano Dal Prete, and Paola Bertucci. Sacred Embryology is an important Enlightenment-era text on reproduction, medicine, and gender in the Catholic world. It inspired more than a century of similar works and abridgements, and has been translated into eight languages—Italian (4x), Latin (4x), French (3x), Spanish (2x), Dutch (2x), German (1x) and Polish (1x). The English-language translation of this important text will place a key primary source in the hands of students and researchers, while also contributing to scholarly debates at the interstices of Catholic theology, gendered medical and surgical practice, and the cultural and legal construction of unborn subjects in the modern world.