Check out our very own SJ Zanolini’s recent book review featured in H-Sci-Med-Tech! Congrats SJ!

Zanolini on Menzies, ‘Ordering the Myriad Things: From Traditional Knowledge to Scientific Botany in China’

“It is no longer enough for us to think of “the history of botany” as limited to one place or intellectual lineage. To do so forever replicates an older imperialist paradigm. To truly work our way out of this requires that, much like historians of science in any place outside of Euro-America have for years been expected to know and be fluent in the dominant historiography of science writ large (the unspecified or uncategorized being taken as default but always seemingly referring back to Euro-America), Euro-Americanists must likewise become familiar with the histories of science in places deemed peripheral or marginal to the dominant intellectual current. Consider this book an excellent, engaging, and well-written place to start that study.” – SJ Zanolini