This June 29th New York Times article highlights the importance of our Opioid Industry Documents Archive (OIDA) project:

Behind the Scenes, McKinsey Guided Companies at the Center of the Opioid Crisis

On June 30th, the Opioid Industry Documents Archive (OIDA), a project of the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and Johns Hopkins University, released more than 114,000 documents related to McKinsey & Company’s work as a management consulting firm for the opioid industry.

Check out the JHU School of Public Health press release to learn more about the project and the teams behind it.

“These documents now form a unique and invaluable public resource to help us comprehend the magnitude of harm done to the millions of Americans affected by the opioid crisis,” said Jeremy Greene, MD, PhD, MA, William H. Welch Professor of Medicine and the History of Medicine in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. “More generally, they shine a bright light on the murkier intersections of science, industry, and financial interest that continue to characterize the U.S. health care system.”