Ketil Slagstad Headshot

Ketil Slagstad, MD

Ketil Slagstad is a doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo and the Institute for the History of Medicine at the Charité Medical School, Berlin. He was a trained as a medical doctor and is now affiliated with the research project Biomedicalization from the Inside Out (BIO). His dissertation project examines the emergence of transgender medicine in Scandinavia in the second half of the 20th century, in particular the role of medicine in the creation of the welfare state. The main focus of the dissertation is on the construction and negotiation of medical expertise between medical professionals, patients, activists, in the media and in the bureaucracy. It combines archival sources with the analysis of medical records and oral interviews with former patients, activists, doctors, psychologists and civil servants. Among his most recent publications are “The Political Nature of Sex – Transgender in the History of Medicine” (New England Journal of Medicine, 2021), “The Pasts, Presents and Futures of AIDS, Norway (1983–1996)” (Social History of Medicine, 2020) and “The Amphibious Nature of AIDS Activism: Medical Professionals and Gay and Lesbian Communities in Norway, 1975–87” (Medical History, 2020).