Katherine Arner, PhD (2014-16)

Katherine received her Ph.D. in the History of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University in 2014. As a postdoctoral fellow, she worked on two projects. The first was an outgrowth of Katherine’s broader training in the history of medicine and public health in this department as well as her years of involvement in undergraduate education at Hopkins. She worked with Professor Stuart Leslie on his new history of Johns Hopkins University. The volume will offer a fresh look on the different spaces of inquiry that have defined the university as a whole.

The second was an outgrowth of Katherine’s dissertation on the yellow fever pandemics during the Age of Revolutions. She explored the new ecology of health management contemporaries created to deal with the crisis. Using the framework of Atlantic History, her work looked at how knowledge about the disease and management practices became subject to the global circulation of medical actors who connected the diverse ports that hosted outbreaks of the disease. Portions of this work have appeared in the Journal of Atlantic Studies and the Journal of World History.