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In Person Details

RandyFest will take place on Saturday, September 17th from 9am to 4:30pm with a reception to follow.

The event will take place in the STILE Room of the Preclinical Teaching Building (PCTB). The entrance to the Preclinical Teaching Building is located directly behind the Welch Library Building. Please see JHMI campus map annotated for Randyfest here.

If you are parking in the Washington Street Garage, please follow Monument Street past the Welch Library Building and turn right. If you go down the three small steps (or nearby ramp) and follow the path, you should find the entrance to PCTB. Please see below for a visual of these instructions.

If you are arriving by taxi or other drop off, please request to be dropped off at the corner of Wolfe and Monument Streets. From there you can walk behind the Welch Library Building to find the entrance to PCTB as seen above.

If you require an address for drop off, then the easiest option will be 1900 East Monument Street. From there, walk towards Wolfe Street until you see the path to follow behind the Welch Library Building.

Once you enter the Preclinical Teach Building, a guard will ask to see your JHED ID card. If you do not have one, please tell the guard that you are attending an event in the STILE room. They may ask you to sign in and provide you with a wristband. Please be sure to have a photo ID available just in case.


We suggest parking in the Washington Street Garage located at 701 North Washington Street, Baltimore, MD 21205. All can park in this garage and parking is free on weekends.

There is also street parking available on both Washington and Wolfe streets. Please pay attention to any timing or fee restrictions.


For the safety of all attending, we require masking at all times during the event in the STILE Room.

Meals will be provided with inside seating available where we recommend a six foot distance. Outside seating will also be available.


Share a pictures, videos, kind words, note of congratulations, memories, and more for Randy on the kudoboard found here: https://www.kudoboard.com/boards/tbb7uTwU

We encourage everyone, whether or not you are able to make it to Randyfest in person, to contribute to the kudoboard and congratulate Randy on his retirement and distinguished career!


RSVP by emailing Kirsten.Moore-Sheeley@cshs.org 

Hotel recommendations for those traveling to Baltimore:

Hotel Revival is the Department’s go-to recommendation for accommodations and is close to lots of museums, bars, restaurants, and the JHU shuttle (which can take you to the Institute).

For those of you who wish to stay closer to the conference venue, the Residence Inn by Marriott at the JHU Medical Campus is about a block away from the Institute.

Parking is available at the Washington Street Garage located at 701 N Washington St, Baltimore, MD 21205. We are investigating the pricing and will update as soon as possible.

The JHMI-Homewood-Peabody Shuttle information is available here: https://ts.jhu.edu/Shuttles/Shuttle_Schedules/schedule_fy22_hw_pb_jhmi.pdf

General Hopkins shuttle information – https://ts.jhu.edu/Shuttles/ 


9:00          Coffee and light breakfast
9:15          Welcome
9:45          Panel on Chiefship and Cosmology
11:00        Coffee Break
11:15        Panel on White Plague, Black Labor
12:30        Lunch
1:30          Panel on The Making of a Tropical Disease
2:45          Coffee Break
3:00          Panel on A History of Global Health
4:15          Closing Remarks
4:30          Reception