Since 2008, faculty and graduate students in the Department of the History of Medicine have collaborated with colleagues in the School of Public Health, the Departments of Anthropology and History, and the Center for Africana Studies to organize a Critical Global Health Seminar Series. We have created this interdisciplinary forum to explore the complex set of political, economic, social, and ecological forces driving patterns of sickness and health and responses to them.

Each series is organized around a theme. The group usually meets on six occasions in the Spring Semester, either to discuss a set of readings or listen to an invited speaker. Speakers consist of scholars and public health practitioners from Hopkins and across the world, and discussion of their work often is based on pre-circulated papers.

Participation in the seminar is by invitation or by e-mailing Professor Randall Packard. Participants should commit to attending all or most of the talks and to reading the pre-circulated materials.

The theme for Spring 2014 is Mapping Global Health.

To view the seminar lists in previous years:



2010 Global Agendas, Local Realities

2011 Transformations of Care

2013 Standardization, Categorization and Quantification in Global Health Practice