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Join us on Friday, January 15th at 2pm, for the fourth iteration of Epidemic//Endemic speaker series, “Policing, Incarceration, and Health,” with Dr. Vesla Weaver and Dr. Carolyn Sufrin.

To register and for more information: https://hopkinsmedicalhumanities.org/events/epidemic-endemic/.

Pandemics are, by definition, global phenomena, but they are lived locally.

In association with a special issue on COVID-19, the Bulletin of the History of Medicine and the Program in Arts, Humanities, & Health at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine have sponsored this exhibition documenting Baltimore’s experiences of the epidemic. The city is home to many fine photographers, and they offer us compelling visions of what lived experience has been like over the past several months. To register, contact Maggie Cogswell at maggiecogswell@jhmi.edu.

We invite you to register for the third iteration of Epidemic//Endemic: Medical Humanities & Social Medicine 2020-21. On Friday, December 4th at 2pm, Dr. Nitsan Chorev of Brown University and Dr. Christy Thornton of Johns Hopkins University will discuss “International Order, Organizations, and Cooperation in the 2020’s.” The talk will be moderated by Dr. Alexandre White, Associate Director of the JHU Center for Medical Humanities & Social Medicine.

To register, visit Zoom Webinar.

For more information on the entire series, visit our website.