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If you have time today and tomorrow, check out our very own Dr. Jeremy Greene and Dr. Alexandre White speaking at the virtual National Humanities Center conference, A Crisis of Caring: The Humanities & Our Health.

This virtual, interdisciplinary conference seeks to consider the ways that knowledge drawn from humanities disciplines and methodologies can inform and help address the ongoing crisis in healthcare.

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Along with other historians of science, technology, and medicine, Dr. Ahmed Ragab (Associate Professor), Dr. Ayah Nurridin (2021 Alumnus), and Dr. Nitin Ahuja (prior Online HoM student) have written beautiful pieces in the Los Angeles Review of Books collection on the “Sciences of Dune”.

Ahmed’s essay discusses prophecy and representations of Islamic science and technology in DUNE; Ayah tackles the topic of eugenics in the series; and Nitin’s piece focuses on portayal of medicine and its ethical framework.

Congrats, Ahmed, Ayah, and Nitin!

Sarah Zanolini

Congratulations to PhD candidate, SJ Zanolini, who has been named a 2022-2023 DeBakey Fellow in the History of Medicine at the National Library of Medicine for their project on Everyday Medicine: Prescribed Diets in Early Modern China!

The NLM Michael E. DeBakey Fellowship in the History of Medicine is made possible through a gift from The DeBakey Medical Foundation.

2022-2023 DeBakey Fellow in the History of Medicine at the National Library of Medicine

Michael E. DeBakey (1908-2008) was a legendary American surgeon, educator, and medical statesman. During a career spanning 75 years, his work transformed cardiovascular surgery, raised medical education standards, and informed national health care policy. He pioneered dozens of operative procedures such as aneurysm repair, coronary bypass, and endarterectomy, which routinely save thousands of lives each year, and performed some of the first heart transplants. His inventions included the roller pump (a key component of heart-lung machines) as well as artificial hearts and ventricular assist pumps. He was a driving force in building Houston’s Baylor University College of Medicine into a premier medical center, where he trained several generations of top surgeons from all over the world. Michael DeBakey was instrumental in bringing NLM to the NIH campus and served for many years on NLM’s Board of Regents.