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Check out the featured article in today’s Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health Magazine, discussing how the Opioid Industry Data Archive (OIDA) reveals and documents Pharma’s role in the Opioid crisis. Congratulations to our very own Jeremy Greene and postdoc Jason Chernesky for their part in this critical project!

The Opioid Industry Documents Archive, a searchable online collection of 1.5 million documents collected after litigation, a project led by Johns Hopkins and the University of California San Francisco.

Documenting Pharma’s Role in the Opioid Crisis

Shout out to Walker Magrath, medical student and scholarly concentrator in History of Medicine, for their article on “The Fall of the Nation’s First Gender-Affirming Clinic,” published in today’s Annals of Internal Medicine and available here:


Annals, one of the most widely-read medical journals in the world, thought Walker’s research important enough to commission a corresponding editorial from two physicians whose careers have focused on forging partnerships with trans- and gender diverse communities through the Fenway clinic in Boston and the Callen-Lorde clinic in New York, respectively.


Mary E. Fissell, PhD

Please join us in celebrating the inaugural recipient of the J. Mario Molina Endowed Professorship in the History of Medicine, Dr. Mary Fissell! We are incredibly honored to finally annouce the dedication of this professorship, and we are equally thrilled that Mary will be our first recipient.

This professorship was established in 2020 by J. Mario Molina, M.D., to support a leading scholar and educator in the field of the History of Medicine, whose work communicates the enduring relevance of historical analysis to clinical practice, health policy, and the general public. Read more

On Friday, September 16th, we will gather together with Dr. Molina, Dr. Fissell, Hopkins leadership, and our HoM friends/family to formalize this dedication and installation. Please join us in-person or virtually by RSVP’ing here:

J. Mario Molina Endowed Professorship in the History of Medicine: Dedication and Installation of Mary E. Fissell, Ph.D., M.A.