Online CME Modules in the History of Medicine

The Department of the History of Medicine at Johns Hopkins is proud to introduce new online CME modules that provide a historical perspective on issues of relevance to clinical practice today. Our first module, which launched in January 2018, explores the social, political, and economic forces that continue to shape the dynamic boundaries of the medical profession. Medical professionalism is an ever-changing concept; in this CME, we explore its history in ancient, medieval, early modern, and modern medical practice. Placing professionalism in such historical contexts provides insights and perspectives about issues in  day to day clinical practice.

Our second, newly launched, module explores the historical context of global health. While the concept of global health may seem like a 21st century phenomenon, it has a long history. This CME traces current institutions and practices of global health from 18th century colonial, imperial, and tropical medicine through the development of 20th century international health policies and practices. As global health crises such as Ebola, Zika, malaria, and more enter emergency rooms all over the world, understanding the history of global health provides insights into a range of issues relevant to clinical practice.

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