Gert H. Brieger, MD, PhD

Johns Hopkins Distinguished Service Professor (Emeritus)
History of surgery; history of medical education.

Nathaniel C. Comfort, PhD

History of biology, especially genetics, molecular biology, and biomedicine; history of recent science; oral history.

Mary E. Fissell, PhD

European health care and popular medicine, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries; early modern gender and the body; Co-editor of the Bulletin of the History of Medicine. Professor Fissell will not be accepting new PhD students for academic year 2019-20.

Jeremy Greene, MD, PhD

William H. Welch Professor of Medicine and the History of Medicine; Director, Department of the History of Medicine
Twentieth century clinical medicine; therapeutics; pharmaceuticals; global health; history of disease.

Marta Hanson, PhD

Associate Professor in the History of East Asian Medicine
Medicine, disease and public health; early modern astrology and arts of memory in Chinese history.

Graham Mooney, PhD

Associate Professor
History of public health nineteenth and twentieth centuries; infectious disease surveillance and control; historical geographies of health and medicine; historical epidemiology and demography; anti-oppression and social justice pedagogy; former co-editor of Social History of Medicine.

Elizabeth O'Brien, PhD

Assistant Professor
Medical research in modern Latin America; surgery; embryology and obstetrics; positivism; religion and medicine.

Randall M. Packard, PhD

Social history of disease; health and healing in Africa; history of public health; history of colonial and post-colonial medicine; Co-editor of the Bulletin of the History of Medicine.

Gianna Pomata, PhD

Professor Emeritus
Cultural and social history of early modern European medicine; women's and gender history, history of cognitive practices, categories and genres.

Christine Ruggere

Associate Director, Institute of the History of Medicine; Curator, Historical Collection

Daniel P. Todes, PhD

Professor Emeritus
Social relations of scientific thought; history of biomedical and biological sciences; history of medicine and science in Russia.

Alexandre White, PhD

Assistant Professor of Sociology and the History of Medicine
History of global health; colonial and postcolonial international health; infectious disease control; international health organizations; tropical medicine; race and health

Associated Faculty

James Harris, MD

Professor and Director, Developmental Neuropsychiatry Clinic

Nancy McCall

Archivist, Alan M. Chesney Archives

Arthur M. Silverstein, PhD

Professor Emeritus of Ophthalmology, School of Medicine